Cycling route to the Choč Mt. (Chočské vrchy)

Dolný Kubín - Vyšný Kubín - Osádka - Lúčky - Liptovská Teplá - Ružomberok - Dolný Kubín (44 km)

Situation: Chočské vrchy
Region: Orava

Starting and finishing point: Dolný Kubín, bus station, railway station, parking lot, district Dolný Kubín.
Route: Dolný Kubín - Vyšný Kubín (3 km) - Osádka (6 km) - Lúčky (7,5 km) - Liptovská Teplá (3,5 km) - Ružomberok (8 km) - Dolný Kubín (16 km)
Map: Orava - Liptov - Horehronie, 1:100 000 (sheet 2), VKÚ a. s., Harmanec.

Description of the route: The trail skirts Veľký Choč (1,608 m), the mountain, which dominates the regions of Dolná Orava and Dolný Liptov, and one of the best for views in Slovakia. With the exception of the stretch Ružomberok - Dolný Kubín it runs on subsidiary state roads. There are two demanding ascents of which the one to the Vrchvarta saddle is indeed hardy. Trippers have to put up with rather heavy traffic in the stretch Ružomberok - Dolný Kubín. The whole trail is passable by road bikes.
It offers the option to visit the centre of the lower part of region Orava, the town Dolný Kubín with numerous cultural and historic monuments, the spa Lúčky and the centre of lower Liptov, the town Ružomberok. Thermal swimming pools in Bešeňová situated not far away from the route are open round the year.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama