Cycling route to the boat mills (Podunajská nížina)

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Dunajská Streda, Dunajská Streda

GPS: N47°59'36'' E17°36'32''

Dunajská Streda - mill in Dunajský Klátov - the area of the boat mill in Jahodná - boat mill in Tomášikovo - Topoľníky - Ohrady - Dunajská Streda (53,5 km)

Situation: Podunajská nížina
Region: Podunajsko

Starting and finishing point: Dunajská Streda, bus stop, railway station, parking lot, district Dunajská Streda.
Route: Dunajská Streda - mill in Dunajský Klátov (8 km) - the area of the boat mill in Jahodná (3 km) - boat mill in Tomášikovo (7,5 km) - Topoľníky (21,5 km) - Ohrady (7 km) - Dunajská Streda (6,5 km)
Map: Bratislava - Podunajsko, 1:100 000 (sheet 7), VKÚ, a. s., Harmanec.

Description of the route: Undemanding route with a minimum of altitude difference. It avoids frequented road communication hence it is recommended to families with children.
The route offers a visit to the reconstructed boat mills on the Malý Dunaj river and bathing in thermal swimming pools in Topoľníky or Dunajská Streda.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama