Cycling route around Burda (Podunajská nížina and Burda)

Štúrovo - Kamenica nad Hronom - Chľaba - Leľa  - Štúrovo (30,5 km)

Situation: Podunajská nížina and Burda
Region: Podunajsko

Starting and finishing point: Štúrovo, bus stop, railway station, parking lot, district Nové Zámky
Route: Štúrovo - Kamenica nad Hronom (5 km) - Chľaba (7,5 km) - Leľa (7 km) - Štúrovo (11 km)
Map: Pohronie, 1:100 000 (sheet 8), VKÚ, a. s., Harmanec.

Description of the route: An interesting route leading in the gorge-like valleys of the Danube and Ipeľ rivers. The landscape is mountainous. It partly runs on the forest road that can be slippery after rains and difficult for road bikes. 
The road heads to the Vyšehradská brána, a breaking and impressing reach of the Danube that has made its way through the mountain range of Burda on the Slovak side and the mountain ranges Börzsöny and Visegrádi hégység on the Hugarian side of the frontier. The mountain range Burda belongs to the National Nature Reserve of Kováčovské kopce. It is an extremely valuable territory for its vegetation so please stick to the recommendations and guidelines concerning the movement in Protected Territories.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama