Country Holidays

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Brezno, Predajná

GPS: N48°45'48'' E19°28'41''

Many people have good memories of their childhood spent in the country. Such experiences are usually unforgettable. In spite of this, most city people do not have the possibility of returning to them actively. That is why the country tourism and agro tourism are becoming a very important branch of the tourism industry.

Families with children, groups of young people, couples as well as busy city individuals, native and foreign, who desire to experience the atmosphere of country life, come to country residences to seek the beauty and the attractions of the Slovak nature.

Various groups of tourists come with different expectations. Some of them seek relax “doing nothing”, others want to stroll in the forests or to learn something new. This is where they can find it all. There is an enormous variety of activities and the landlords can organise them to fit the particular tourist. During the season they offer e.g.: taking part at simple farm work, (harvesting, hay making…), everyday household chores (cooking, gardening), shows of preparation of the local gastronomic specialities, making unique wines, cheeses, ceramics and other handicrafts (basketry, tinkering, tannery, carving…).

Very popular is bird-watching and watching of animals (bears, chamois, owls, woodpeckers, eagles…), horse riding that can be attractive especially for children. The lucky ones, who can experience the authentic atmosphere of home hog-killing, fishing or barbecuing in the friendly surrounding of the Slovak countryside, the local feast, a harvest festival, other festivals or festivities, will certainly never forget it.

Thanks to its virgin nature, a number of plants and animal species, archaeological sights and well-known folklore traditions, the Slovak countryside offers very good conditions for the development of the country tourism, agro and forest tourism.

On a relatively small territory you can find high mountains, deep valleys, canyons, unique caves, waterfalls, tarns, rocky gorges and crystal clear streams, precious mineral sources, spas and a lot more. There is also a large offer for the lovers of water sports or winter and mountain sports.

Author: Marián Ondrišík