Concert for Martina and Ján in Gregorovce

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Prešov, Gregorovce

GPS: N49°4'8'' E21°12'22''

Venue: Gregorovce

Date: 5/5/2018

Event type: folklore event, religious event, concert, event for youth, music event

Yes, they still do care. Also B-Complex, Andrej Baran, Bez ladu a skladu, Gregos Choir from the village of Gregorovce, Chiki liki tu-a, Jana Kirschner, Michael Kocáb a Karpatské chrbáty, Konvergencie Quartet a Jozef Lupták, Longital, Sima Martausová, Para, Puding pani Elvisovej, Sendreiovci, Marián Svetlík, Štefan Štec a Ľudová hudba Hornád, Vec a Zuzana Mikulcová, Julián Veverica or Živé kvety are #AllForJan as well as #AllForMartina. And they definitely are #KoncertPreMartinuAJana.

All the country thought about them, remaining thinking about it. On May 5th, the day when Martina Kušnírová and Ján Kuciak planned on getting married, their families will meet in Gregorovce near the metropolis of Šariš. As a token of fellowship, a concert for Martina and Ján will be held in Gregorovce on that day, with the consent of their families. Preparing the previous memorial events, it was found out what music Martina Kušnírová and Ján Kuciak liked. Several of their favourite artists, as well as other names of the Slovak and Czech scenes, will come to Gregorovce to honour their memory along with their relatives.

The fellowship with the families of Martina Kušnírová and Ján Kuciak is the main message of the concert. The concert held on the day of their planned wedding carries the symbol of a meeting—on that day, they were going to bring together two families, now the event and the message of Martina and Ján can bring together many people who care about our country.

The event will begin at 2 p.m. with a service in the local Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. The concert itself will start at 4 p.m. on a nearby football pitch. Visual art works will complement the event: a selection of visual artistsʼ reactions will be shown on a wide-screen, Martin Dzurek and Jano Vajsabel will exhibit their sculpture “They brought us together”, and Rudo Sikora is preparing the work “We will meet and leave a track”. Liberal arts need freedom for their existence, the freedom for which Martina and Ján died.

Feel free to come over north of Prešov to Concert for Ján and Martina in Gregorovce to commemorate them. The first Saturday afternoon and early evening of May, you can meet the artists at a concert to pay tribute to murdered journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée, archeologist Martina Kušnírová. There will be a shuttle service available from 1 pm from the Prešov main station to Gregorovce and back with additional stops at Trojica and the Šariš Park in Veľký Šariš.

The event is organised by Pohoda Festival team with the participation of the Stromoradie Club and the Municipality of Gregorovce.

Web: Pohoda Festival Agency