Central Slovakia Museum Banská Bystrica

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, Banská Bystrica

GPS: N48°44'6'' E19°8'44''

The Museum was established in 1889 as a Municipal museum. It is located in SNP Square in Banská Bystrica and currently it has 3 permanent expositions - the social science exposition in Thurzo's House in SNP Square No. 4, the exposition devoted to history of Banská Bystrica in Matej`s House in Námestie Štefana Moyzesa square No. 20, and natural sciences exposition in Tihányi Manor House on Radvanská Street No. 27.

The Central Slovakia Museum is an institution that focuses on keeping record of the development of society and nature in Banská Bystrica region.

The museum's mission also includes presentation and education activities (preparation of exhibitions, workshops, exhibitions with costume-clad guides, concerts, lectures and seminars) that are aimed at both lay and expert public, with a particular focus on school children.

Exposition in Thurzo`s House: 
The exposition consists of several rooms dedicated to various topics from history and culture of the Banská Bystrica region. A part of the exposition focuses on archaeological exhibits and Baroque art, a special section is dedicated to mining, period burgher-house furniture and ethnographic material. A Green Room with unique wall paintings from the end of the 15th century is also part of the exhibition. Throughout the year, lots of accompanying events are held in the Thurzo`s House; information about the events is available on the museum website.

Exposition in Matej`s House: 
The exposition in Matej`s House was ceremonially opened in 2009, after complex reconstruction of the whole building. It concentrates on the history of the town of Banská Bystrica; a treasury with most valued collections has been prepared there, an archaeological section with a replica of a semi-recessed dugout dwelling and a collection of medieval stove tiles and an armory presenting a collection of mêlée weapons. There are rooms dedicated to important personalities and mayors of Banská Bystrica; the colorful history of crafts is presented through more than 700 collection items. The exposition of Gothic plastic art works and paintings showcases unique works of both Slovak and European importance. Visitors to the exposition can listen to music by composers from Banská Bystrica and the exposition also uses audio-visual presentation and computer technology.

Exposition in the Tihányi manor house:
With 2,400 exhibits, the exposition "Nature of Central Slovakia" provides a complex view of the  natural environment of Central Slovakia. It is divided into 8 sections presenting the countryside of this region. Each section contains typical samples of natural ecosystems with indications of relations between their elements. Information about protection of nature and environment is provided with each topic. The exposition enables visitors to learn about the geological structure, flora and fauna of the region of Central Slovakia, extends their knowledge of ecology and nature protection and helps them to learn how to distinguish common and also less known kinds of rocks, minerals, plant and animal species. One room is equipped with an audio system that enables visitors to play sounds and voices of animals upon selection on the audio panel. With regard to school classes in the exposition, it helps to complement the teaching of natural sciences, geography and biology in accordance with the curricula of elementary and secondary schools and also for specialized university study disciplines.

Source: Kultúrno informačné stredisko Banská Bystrica, Stredoslovenské múzeum Banská Bystrica