Castles, chateaux and manor houses

Slovakia has abundant cultural and historical, fortified and stately buildings. There are more than 100 castles and at least double this number of manor houses built in different historical eras. In the past, they were the protagonists of history and their owners controlled the life of the country and its people. Every manor house area also had a garden or park. The curias once owned by petty gentry, can be seen in almost every village in Slovakia.

The Spišský hrad Castle and the monuments, which surround it, have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Manors or curias of interest:
Renaissance style: Bytča, Strážky
Baroque style: Svätý Anton
Rococo style: Markušovce, Sobotište
Classicist style: Betliar, Dolná Krupá, Topoľčianky
Manor houses - today museums with valuable artistic collections: Betliar, Markušovce, Strážky, Svätý Anton, Topoľčianky

Source: Dajama