Bunjee jumping

In our country bunjee jumping became known in the early 1990s and it immediately became the symbol of the adrenaline experience. The safe rubber rope spread quickly all over Slovakia. Shorter ropes can be seen at municipal swimming pools; the needs of more demanding fans can be satisfied by longer ropes of our high mountains.

Only a few people know that this sport originated as a help for parachutists. The jump with the rope should have helped them overcome the fear of the free fall. In a short time, the invention flew round the world. In Slovakia, one of the most exciting experiences is the jump from the platform in Štrbské pleso. The longer jump, the more expensive it is.

If you want to experience an intense feeling of the free fall, you need not be afraid. There are a lot of possibilities. Who would not like to try a bunjee once in a lifetime? The real adrenaline experience that you will certainly talk about to your grand children is when you fall towards the hard rocky ground or the seemingly soft water level at the acceleration of 9.81m.s-2.

Source: AdAstra Net