The number of artificial boulders in Slovakia is rapidly increasing. One can ask why to climb artificial rocks if one can go and climb natural ones. There are enough rocks in Slovakia. But what to do when it rains or snows, when it is windy or icy, or so hot that even your dog feels like taking off his fur?

Climbing on artificial rocks is possible even under such weather conditions. In a shelter, there is no wind or bad weather. Bouldering is climbing without a rope practised on natural or artificial rocks. You do not need any rope or safety equipment. Climbing with a rope is like endurance running, while bouldering is like sprint. At the same time it is much safer, at least in the beginning, as it is done in lower heights. Bouldering make you enjoy the feeling of beating oneself. It exercises all muscles and the body gets into an excellent physical condition in a short time. There is no better way to start with climbing.

And where are the best artificial climbing walls in Slovakia?

Most of them are in Bratislava. The K2 climbing wall on Stara Ivanska road was opened in 2013 and is the largest of its kind in Slovakia. It covers a total area of 2000 m2 with a maximum height of 15.5 m. The boulder section covers 200m2 while the dry tool area covers 104 m2.

For those more demanding there is the climbing wall Vertigo. A wall with the surface of 650m2 is waiting for the bouldering lovers with the maximum height of 13m and a 12m ledge. It offers as many as 90 climbing routes.

Bratislava is far from being the only place where you can devote yourself to bouldering. Artificial walls are placed not only in specialised clubs or climbing centres, but also in several shopping centres (e.g.: Hypernova in Poprad). Here you do not have to pay any special fees and while the parents do the shopping, the children can have fun on the artificial wall, under the adult wall keeper´s supervision.

All you have to do is make a choice, put sport shoes one size smaller on and start climbing…