Boating sports

Slovakia, thanks to its dense river network and varied landforms, offers the option to navigate down the rivers of different size and type. Both, the most demanding fans of boating and families with children find here favourable conditions for boating.

Fans of traditional longer passages choose the rivers Hron, Váh, Nitra, Ipeľ, Orava or Ondava. Calm, easy and ever more sought after are navigations down the river Malý Dunaj and arms of the Danube or the Morava rivers.

With regard to oscillating water table over the year, some smaller rivers can be chosen only during certain seasons. Rivers like Belá, Revúca a Biely Váh, navigable from Važec in time of snow thaw are in this group. The Čierny Váh is navigable from its confluence with Ždiarsky potok near Liptovská Teplička.

Popular navigations include those down the cascades, of for example, rivers like Dunajec and Hornád. The river Orava is navigable from Párnica in Žaškovský Brod as far as Kraľovany, where it flows into the Váh. Less demanding rafting can be experienced on the Vah River from Bešeňová through Ružomberok to Kraľovany located at the lower Liptov and Strečno breakthrough of the Low Fatra at the section Lipovec - Strečno.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA