Slovak rivers and water areas offer many splendid views that can only be provided by a boat. During the summer season there are several popular places for boating or sailing, e.g.: the dams Liptovská Mara or Palcmanská Maša in the Slovak Paradise.

In recent years the quality of services in Slovakia has grown considerably and so many centres provide complex services to their clients. It is therefore possible to go for a walk near a lake (Rajecké Teplice) or to other water areas (Zemplínska Šírava, Teplý Vrch, etc.) where you can find boat-houses and rent the equipment, and restaurants and accommodation are also available. As a matter of fact, staying near water areas is becoming popular for holiday makers because it offers space for children´s plays and the adults can relax and enjoy comfort to gather new energy.

Boating in Slovakia is also a popular sport event. Paddling clubs have been active since 1931 and our sportsmen regularly take part in various championships in paddling as well as in the Olympics.

Source: AdAstra Net