Bibiana, International House of Art for Children

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'28'' E17°6'18''

Bibiana focuses on and supports the development of art activities designed for all age categories of children and young generation. Through unusual, experimental methods of work, children become familiar with art.

The exhibitions and program primarily focus on interactive exhibitions with accompanying events - theater performances, creative workshops, music shows. Bibiana`s activities are highly professional; in demanding projects the institution seeks the assistance of artists - graphic artists, scenographers, writers, musicians, theater actors and students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Academy of Performing Arts.

The design of exhibitions enables their re-installation in other cultural institutions in Slovakia, thus Bibiana performs the role of a methodology centre with respect to work with art designated for children viewers and visitors. Some of the exhibitions appealed to foreign experts and they were reinstalled for instance in Bologna and Rome. The importance of this institution goes beyond the borders of Slovakia, visitors from all over the worldcome to Bibiana to learn and gain experience. 

Besides unique interactive exhibition projects, every second year BIBIANA organizes the International  competitive exhibition of original illustrations for children`s books - Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB)the International festival of animated films for children - Biennial of Animation Bratislava (BAB) - 10th annual of BAB 2010 from 12 October to 16 October 2010, and every year also the International Festival of Alternative and Marionette Theaters for Children  - We play for you (Hráme pre vás) (July - August). BIBIANA projects also include international activities of the Slovak section of the IBBY - International Board on Books for Young People with official relations with UNESCO); it organizes competitions, such as "Najkrajšie knihy Slovenska" (The Nicest  Slovak books) and "Najkrajšie a najlepšie detské knihy na Slovensku" (The Nicest and the Best Slovak Children`s Books), and publishes a specialized magazine - Revue BIBIANA

Source: Bibiana, medzinárodný dom umenia pre deti