Berek Forest Park

Location: Nitriansky kraj, okres Nové Zámky, Nové Zámky

GPS: N47°58'32'' E18°8'14''

Berek Forest Park will be like a balm to you spirit, offering you the possibility of recreation in the quiet natural environment in the south-western part of the town of Nové Zámky. It is a perfect place for families with children to relax or for couples to go on a romantic walk.

The forest part is situated in Veľký háj in the south-western part of the town of Nové Zámky at the end of Tatranská ulica street. You can get to the forest park over the bridge, however, only by foot or on a bike; motor vehicles are not permitted to enter the park.

There are several paths, both with and without blacktop, and as far as the air is concerned, it is the cleanest part of the town of Nové Zámky.

The forest park includes various tree species, the most common ones are great maple, horse chestnut and Pedunculate oak. There is also a group of sweet chestnut trees hidden deep in the forest. A unique, more than 200-year old Pedunculate Oak stands near the main blacktop path, on the right. The tree is protected under law. The trunk circumference is 460 cm and it is 30 m high. There are several extraordinarily big oaks in this area, out of which 3 are protected and 10 more were proposed for the protected status.

On the other side of the bridge, right at the entrance to the forest park, there is a forest restaurant, offering a pleasant place to sit in the garden part in the summer, where various events are held. It is a perfect place to relax, meet friends and for children to have some fun and a bit of fresh air.

Author: Michal Lachký