Bajkom k tajchom - To Tajchs by Bikes*

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Žarnovica, Hodruša - Hámre

GPS: N48°27'39'' E18°45'40''

More than 250 km of signed trails for mountain bikers in beautiful nature of the Štiavnické Mountains crossed by the unique system of mining ditches and water reservoirs.

Everywhere you are filled with mining history and awaited by a number of unforgettable views to valleys.More information on bike trails BAJKOM K TAJCHOM and the region history is found in below mentioned web page. You can try also our online map and GPS data to download. A paper map is available in the Municipality of Hodruša-Hámre, in the information office of Štiavnica and selected lodging providers.

* Bajkom k tajchom - To Tajchs by Bikes (the local words “tajch” stand for an artificially made water reservoir, the words come from German language).