AquaSpa Gánovce

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Gánovce

GPS: N49°1'49'' E20°19'15''

Healing springs have been mentioned in the area of Gánovce as far back as 1549. A spa village was gradually built around them. 

However, the owner Augustín Korponaj had it demolished in 1852 and built a spa house in its place, and a summer house, restaurant and social pavilion next to it. The spa was nationalised in 1948. It remained in full operation until 1992 and afterwards gradually fell into disrepair.

The spa spring with gypsous, earthy, carbonic water contains predominantly HCO3, Ca, Mg and has a temperature of 24.2 degrees. In the past it had favourable effects on gastric catarrh, as well as on general diseases of the digestive organs, in treatment of rheumatism, in the initial stages of tuberculosis, on scrofulosis, rickets, chronic skin diseases, anaemia, diabetes and good results have also recently been achieved in the treatment of gout.

Source: AquaSpa Gánovce