An App for the road

Location: Bratislavský kraj, okres Pezinok, Pezinok

GPS: N48°18'42'' E17°11'50''

The “Pomoc na diaľnici” (motorway help) app can be used to contact a motorway patrol by phone or text message, and enables the precise localisation of a driver in the case of emergency.

It also provides users with the latest traffic news coming directly from the App’s operating centre and from the traffic information service Zelená vlna RTVS, as well as options for rest stops and web cams located on the motorways and parking places.

The app also provides information on tourist attractions that visitors shouldn’t miss during their journeys throughout Slovakia. Information on these attractions is provided by the Slovak Tourism Agency. The app includes all the necessary contacts, current news and information to ensure better traffic safety on Slovakia’s motorways.

The App is available in Slovak and English language.