Truly a good place to live

Welcoming, peaceful and safe, the capital of Slovakia combines the advantages of living in a mid–sized city with the possibilities of a larger aglomeration. Cost effective, multicultural and developed city with vast green areas provides comfort for everyone. In addition to sports and leisure opportunities, business, entertaintment and shopping make Bratislava even more attractive and an ideal place for a good life.

    Alluring Slovakia

    180 castles, 9 national parks, 12 caves and 7 sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List enrich the Slovak culture and diversity of natural treasure. Majestic peaks of the Tatra mountains with wide range of ski opportunities, crystal clear mountain streams and numerous spa springs truly create an unforgettable natural paradise. Slovakia's beauty and unique atmosphere makes the country very special, even in such a small area.   

    Historical secrets and treasures of nature

    In Slovakia, you can discover all kinds of unique cultural heritage as medieval towns, romantic castles, chateaux and ruins, glorious manor houses, wooden churches, many fine examples of folk architecture and exceptional archaeological findings. Also, you can get familiar with manifold and diverse customs and traditions, well-preserved and still alive across the country.

    Relax and activities

    A real tourist paradise, Slovakia's mountains offer great recreational opporttunities both in summer and winter season. Water as one of the greatest treasures afford many opportunities of regeneration in healing spas, fun in aquaparks or water reservoirs. Slovak regions can be explored also by hiking, on the bike or enjoying numerous water, winter and adrenaline sports as well as in one of more than 20 golf courses.