A Yarn of Wool

Location: Košický kraj, okres Košice I, Košice

GPS: N48°43'25'' E21°15'15''

Venue: Košice

Date: 2/23/2018 - 6/6/2018

Event type: folklore event, exhibition, event for children, event for youth, workshop

The Centre for Folk Art Production widely known as ÚĽUV comes with an exhibition entitled “A Yarn of Wool”. Visitors in Košice's ÚĽUV Gallery can see wool in its main role as a unique material for practical and aesthetic use. Through interior accessories and clothing items, the exhibition reveals different wool processing techniques such as shaggy wool cloth-making, wool cloth-making, weaving, embroidery, the cuff decoration technique and felting.

Collection items from the Museum of Folk Art Production are joined by items created by contemporary producers and artists who have decided to rediscover the many uses of wool. The exhibition will be opened in the ÚĽUV Gallery in Košice from February 23rd, to June 6th, 2018.

The ÚĽUV Gallery in Košice aims to provide a current view on traditional crafts and folk art production presenting work by traditional craftsmen and designers, mostly from the eastern part of Slovakia. Permanent exhibitions, as well as a rich choice of events for both adults and kids make the ÚĽUV Gallery a place to discover the diversity and beauty of hand made products.

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