White Night in Bratislava

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'55'' E17°6'28''

Venue: Bratislava

Date: 10/7/2017 - 10/8/2017

Event type: theatre festival, exhibition, TOP Event, event for children, event for youth, music event, workshop

White Night is a festival of contemporary art, not a festival of lights. A lot of genres are involved, ranging from visual art, including digital art and light design to live performance, music, literature and film. The largest and most-visited international festival of contemporary art will take place in Bratislava on October 7, 2017.

White Night embodies the desire to (re)discover urban environment which is given a new dimension through art. A city is transformed into an interactive space whose usual nocturnal cycle ceases to exist for a few hours. Contemporary art breathes life into the city at night and the night thus becomes “white”.

White Night offers visitors the opportunity to take an unconventional artistic tour of the Slovak capital by night, full of new experiences and sensations. On the second Saturday in October, night becomes day as the streets of the city will be filled with people and art. Each visitor will receive a map guiding them along the numerous stops including visually-stunning installations, concerts, films, theatre, dance, literature, live performances, and much more.

Five giant illuminated humanoid figures will invade the planet this year. These giants from afar will give audiences the impression that they have just landed in Slovakia and are quietly and gently exploring our ‘fantastic planet’. As with Parer’s globally successful public art exhibit Intrude, these forms will not be randomly placed sculptures but can be rather strategically placed to give the impression that the giant humanoids have taken over entire event site.

Light is the source of life and life is movement. HAS company will combine these two in a performance at Zichy Palace, where unexpected experiences are guaranteed.

Guillaume Marmin and Frédéric Marolleau convey spiritual essence through visual abstraction in ‘Hara’, an audio-visual installation. ‘Hara’, the anatomical home of energy according to japanese custom, is explored by various means. Music and light move through states of tension and calm, creating for each visitor a unique contemplative experience.

Globoscope is an immersive work made up of a large number of luminous spheres. By means of this technological mechanism, Collectif Coin creates a digitalised recreation of the space. Configured in harmony with the characteristics of the venue, each individual « point » each « pixel » in this landscape, is merged into an ensemble of sound and light movements that swirl through. Mathematics, sound and light are in this way used to represent, transform, and expand a space, offering the viewer a surrealist stroll.

A geometric play will be happening below the Bratislava Castle. In city part, which is still relatively unfamiliar to most people, animated light objects will playfully strengthen perception of space.

One of the city’s landmarks will once again become one of White Night’s highlights. The upside-down pyramid will shine through the night with colorful lights, showcasing this unique architectonic gem. Audiovisual installation created specifically for the Slovak Radio building will be interactive, referencing radio and sound transmission. Oversized megaphone will enable to switch the usual roles - this time the radio will listen to its listeners. Visual aspects of the installation will be reacting to tone and hight of voice of everyone, who will speak on the megaphone.

Dökk (‘darkness’ in Icelandic) is the new performance by fuse* and the natural evolution of Ljós (‘light’), produced in 2014 and presented at some of the most important European festivals, including White Night in 2015. Dökk is about the journey of the character interpreted by performer Elena Annovi throughout a sequence of digital landscapes where the perception of space and time is altered. Dökk’s scenography is designed for delivering a sense of deep interdependence between the protagonist and the world surrounding her. In order to represent this concept, a system has been created which processes real-time data from biometric and movement sensors (worn by the performer and placed on the stage) as well as data coming from social networks. These data contribute to modify the performance’s digital and sound landscapes: every time the performance is staged, the system analyzes in real-time the messages that people from all over the world share on social networks, inferring their emotional state through a sentiment analysis algorithm (the same algorithm that has been used for the installation Amygdala). These data, together with the performer’s biometric data, make the performance different every time it is staged.

The latest project Landscape Without Land by Slovak photographer Katarína Hudačinová introduces artworks inspired by Icelandic nature, its vulcanic activity, volcanos and lava fields, mineral microworld and light natural phenomenons.

Audiovisual artist Boris Vitázek is creating a site-specific mapping for facade of notorious shopping mall at Kamenné námestie. He works with metaphoric situations that might be happening in fictitious space hidden behind the wall. Each of the situations is inspired by interviews that the author conducted with various people, discussing public space, living in Slovakia, relationship to Slovak culture and its cultural heritage. Mapping removes the wall and shows us our attitude towards Slovakia and its culture.

Robyn Moody brings his kinetic installation Wave Interference that unfolds in the shape of a light wave. Neon lights appear to float to the sounds of an old organ. The wave fluctuates slowly, in a fluid movement, and it captivates through optical illusion effects.

This year, the well-known Canadian artist maotik is presenting his latest artwork Aeryon, an advanced navigation system that analyzes data sources and epitomizes the beauty of aerial views and images on the abstract landscape.

The most romantic artwork of this year! Join us in enjoying magical atmosphere of moonlight, which will be provided by UK sculptor Luke Jerram. Nightwalk with loved one, untraditional picnic or scientific observation of the Moon surface will be brought to you by Biela noc 2017. Measuring seven metres in diameter, the moon features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface. In Slovakia, this artwork will be premiered.

It's all about the angle! Jana Potiron will present her tape drawings in Bratislava and you will be able to experience optical illusions of monumental houses.

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