The Čabraď Castle

Hrad Čabraď

Banskobystrický kraj

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Krupina, Čabradský Vrbovok

GPS: N48°15'25'' E19°4'38''

Ruins of the Čabraď Castle are in the Krupinská planina plain in south of Slovakia.

This originally sentry castle first mentioned in 1276 was built to guard the road leading to central Slovakian mining towns. In the 16th century it was rebuilt to the counter-Turk fort, which successfully resisted all Turkish raids. The Koháry family acquired the castle in the 17th century. They later moved into the more comfortable manor house in Svätý Anton and had the castle burned in 1812. The Castle is decaying ever since.

The castle hill of Čabraď and its environs is now the National Nature Reserve with the abundant occurrence of reptiles (grass snakes above all).

Access: on foot from the village Čabradský Vrbovok on field road (it takes about an hour and quarter).

Source: Dajama

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