Night tours at Strečno Castle

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Žilina, Strečno

GPS: N49°10'28'' E18°51'44''

Venue: Strečno

Date: 8/25/2018

Event type: theatre festival, exhibition, TOP Event, historic event, concert, lecture, event for youth

Immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the night's castle, dazzled  torchlight, tameless game of shadows and the barely audible sounds of the scorching rocks. Enjoy the attractive sightseeing tours of Strečno Castle in the night atmosphere with an interesting program in and underneath the castle. An impressive fire show will be the main highlight of every night's tour.

Enter the kingdom immersed in the dark where the old stones whisper incredible stories. The castle corridors and the chambers covered by cloak of night would tell you their tales. And just in case, you should better not break away your group...

During these mysterious evenings, you will get familiar with the story of another of famous women owning the castle in the past. As the other ones, she also became part of history and raised people's awareness and even after many years her life still attracts. You can therefore uncover the secrets of this exceptional woman during two night tours of the Strečno Castle.

After lighted story of Baroness Sophia Bosniak, the museum comes with a story of an ambitious, unfaithful and politicking Queen consort Barbara of Cilli. During two summer evenings, Barbara would come to castle over the village of Strečno for the first time to see her new property. She will meet maid called Hanička and you get to know what for a changes the Queen planned or even made at the castle, and whether they as well as if rumours about her lovers and ambitions are true or not.

Her life in short humorous scenes will be brought by the Wagus Historical Fencing Group. In the courtyard of the castle, in the castle walls or during a light show Queen Barbara will come to life thanks to the modern technology of light and movement, illusion and mystery. The experience will surely be boosted by an impressive fire show in the atmosphere of the mysterious night, or always a smile evoking performances of the Kapor na scéne Improvisational Theater on the stage. The night tour will also be enhanced by miniconcerts in the castle chapel.

Come over to enjoy the atmosphere of the tour unique thanks to the lighted story of a powerful royal, a brief representation of the main character's life story depicted by the light, illusion and mystery of the evening medieval castle. This is the second time that the Museum of Považie in Žilina would use a modern technology of light and movement in this castle.

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